Open Shapefiles from Windows Explorer

Documents for most Microsoft Windows applications can be opened by simply double-clicking on the file name in Windows Explorer. Installation program of Christine-GIS associates project files (*.cri) with Christine-GIS so you can open project file by double click on it in Windows Explorer. Time to time can be useful to open shapefiles using Christine-GIS in the same way.

Below this article are four *.reg files available to download. Please choose appropriate file, depending on version of Christine-GIS and Microsoft Windows you are using. Merge content of selected file into Windows registry.

Now you have shapefiles associated with Christine-GIS. Double-clicking on shapefile name in Windows Explorer will start Christine-GIS and shapefile is loaded into new view. If Christine-GIS is already running, shapefile is opened in active view. If active document is not view, then new view is created and shapefile is opened in this new view.

Important notes
You have to install Christine-GIS Viewer 1.45, build 1.121212 or Christine-GIS 4.01, build 4.121212 or higher.
Registry files prepared below are made with standard installation path, so if you changed installation directory, during installation of Christine-GIS, you have to modify registry file.
Use the correct language version of Christine-GIS and register file.
To ensure proper functionality it is strictly recommended to disable dialog Tip of the day.

ZIP archives of registry files (*.reg) for association shapefile with Christine-GIS
Christine-GIS Viewer 1.5 (EN), Windows 32bit
Christine-GIS Viewer 1.5 (EN), Windows 64bit
Christine-GIS 5.x (EN), Windows 32bit
Christine-GIS 5.x (EN), Windows 64bit
Christine-GIS Viewer 1.45 (EN), Windows 32bit
Christine-GIS Viewer 1.45 (EN), Windows 64bit
Christine-GIS 4.x (EN), Windows 32bit
Christine-GIS 4.x (EN), Windows 64bit