Christine-GIS Download Centre
Here you can download latest versions of Christine-GIS software and available documentation. By changing language of these pages you change also language of files you will download.

Christine-GIS Viewer 1.5 – (download size 1.84 MB)

Build version:1.191226
Released:December 27, 2019

Christine-GIS 5.1 – (download size 8.23 MB)

Build version:5.220130
Released:February 4, 2022
Status:Shareware – an activation fee is required (more information)

Some of features supported only by Christine-GIS 5.1:
Editing and creating your own vector data
Creating buffer around map features and spatial selection by distance
New classification metods for thematic mapping including chart maps
Theme definition
Support for DXF format
Support for KML and GPX formats
Support for PNG and GIF formats
Support for ECW format
Support for MrSID and JPEG 2000 formats
Support for Intergraph Raster File Format
Developers are able to make own plug-in to extent range of supported vector or raster formats
More point symbols
More line symbols
More fill symbols
Better support for scripts debbuging
You can attach scripts to own menu items
Building and using pyramids in order to speed up drawing large raster data
Support for transparency and transparent color of raster data
Support for working with maps provided by a web service
Multiple labels, rotation of labels, size of labels in map units
TTF point symbols
Tool for removing labels
Support for various coordinate systems and geografic projections
New type of document for charts
New type of document for creating and printing map compositions
Support for copying documents, themes, table’s records and layout objects by clipboard
More complex identify map features function
Ability to make a groups of themes in view
Halo for text labels in map
Support for GML format (Geography Markup Language)
Possibility to set visibility and alias of table fields
You can draw graphic objects and texts into map
The option to automatically fill the field values in the table with user-defined value
Code page conversion for tables and shapefiles
Color-coding of keywords, comments, strings, and class names in the script editor
Tool for copying properties of objects in the layout

Specification of public interface for vector data plug-ins – (download size 264 kB)
Document version:1.1 / April 2021
Released:March 2009

Specification of public interface for raster data plug-ins – (download size 307 kB)
Document version:1.2 / March 2021
Released:March 2009

Specification of public interface for map service plug-ins – (download size 246 kB)
Document version:1.0 / March 2021
Released:October 2005

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