What Is Christine-GIS

Christine-GIS is a useful, easy-to-use tool that brings geographic information to your desktop. Christine-GIS gives you the power to visualize, explore, query and analyze data spatially. A key feature of Christine-GIS is that it’s easy to load tabular data, such as dBASE® files and data from database servers. Using Christine-GIS you can display, query, summarize, and organize this data geographically.

Now you know that Christine-GIS is in fact an application of geographic information system. And what is GIS? GIS is near future of information systems, because practically every information has spatial location. Christine-GIS does not hold maps or pictures – it holds a database. The database concept is central to a GIS and is the main difference between a GIS and a simple drafting or computer mapping system which can only produce good graphic output. Christine is a display and query tool that can perform many of the tasks involved in the spatial analysis of geographic databases.

Analyze your tabular data spatially

Our mission is to create complex, easy to use, stable, fast and low cost desktop GIS software with minimal hardware requirements. Now are available two versions of Christine-GIS:
Christine-GIS Viewer 1.5 – it is freeware, see licence for using Christine-GIS Viewer.
Christine-GIS 5.1 – it is low cost shareware, see licence for using Christine-GIS.

Christine-GIS is designed with an intuitive user interface and includes own script interface for automation of long tasks. Christine-GIS contains five types of documents: Views, Tables, Charts, Layouts and Scripts. View document provides data display, query, editing and analysis. Table document let you query, analysis and edit tables. Chart document is a graphic presentation of tabular data. Layout document is used to prepare a printing composition. Using script document you can automate long tasks or create light applications.